ARS Attacks Coburg

The City of Moreland contacted ARS to rescue one of its favourite Historic parks, located in Coburg adjacent to the old Pentridge Prison. The prison looks a treat; ex inmates would be pleased to see what they’ve done with the place. The parks and gardens over the road however were a different story. Inventive thinking, a lateral approach, plenty of TLC and much hard work would be required.

The ARS team set to work. Walls had collapsed, paving had fallen apart, drains were blocked and broken, major landscaping was needed. A.R.S. were able to undertake all the different aspects of the project, saving the council money and alleviating the need for different trades and contracts. Others had quoted and failed before, however the A.R.S. solution was a complete success.

The park is now reopen to the public with full pedestrian access after minimal disruption. While you’re there checking out our fine work, hop over the road and take the Prison tour, the ghost of Squizzy Taylor lives in cell 13, be warned. Read the project description for more info and pictures.

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