Arts Centre Seal & Waterproof

The Problem

Repairs were badly needed to the roofing of Melbournes iconic Arts Centre. Sealing and waterproofing of the roof was required as significant leakage was occurring along deteriorated roofing areas and HVAC services penetration points. At risk were key heritage listed artefacts in main storage areas below. The job required works to over 200sqm of roofing including work around HVAC equipment.

The Solution

Equipment was able to be put in place with limited access. Major obstructions including large Air Conditioning units and piping needed to be worked around whilst still achieving effective waterproofing. After careful preparation WetSuit® seam seal and parts 1 and 2 were applied. A subsequent reflective flexible white topcoat was applied to add to the buildings thermal effectiveness and increase heating and cooling efficiency.

The Result

Thanks to MR Waterproofing the artifacts are now safe and secure and the waterproof integrity of the building is restored. Work completed on time, on budget.

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