Asbestos Encapsulation

The Problem

Many existing Factory and Residential roofs and walls in Melbourne are still clad with Asbestos. This exposes building owners to liability claims and health and safety issues. Typically removal and disposal of Asbestos is prohibitively expensive, and requires vacating tenants for entire period of works, exposing building owners to expenses and potential litigation.

The Solution

Wetsuit spray applied encapsulation is a safe, quick and cost effective solution. WetSuit® is sprayed straight over the top of Asbestos surface. Negates need to remove and replace. WetSuit is superior to ‘Liquid Rubber’ alternatives, which melt above 40 deg C. and go brittle below 0 deg C. When using Wetsuit, surfaces typically don’t have to be prepared prior to spraying, unlike other methods which require cleaning or prepping.

The Result

WetSuit® encapsulation is less than half the cost of removing, disposing and re cladding. It is the most effective product that can legally encapsulate and protect existing Asbestos insulations. Wetsuit is cheap, fast and effective and gives owners piece of mind and surety that correct proceedure has been followed. Sealing an Asbestos roof with WetSuit also makes the roof waterproof and extends its life.

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