Building Cladding Poses Death Risk

Recent building fires have exposed the extreme risk of non-compliant building cladding. Multiple tragic deaths have resulted from the use of non-compliant cladding on hi-rise buildings, and many existing apartment towers and buildings in Australia have been identified as having non-compliant cladding installed.

A National Audit is being conducted by both building authorities and MFB enquiry which will clearly identify which cladding is compliant with strict Australian Building Codes. This allows building owners, developers and builders and body corporates to take action to replace cladding.


This presents challenges as typically the cladding would have been installed as part of the building process with all the relevant trades on site, and easy access available as a commercial building site. In completed buildings however the situation is quite different. Each apartment is tenanted, all the footpaths and roads around the buildings are in use, there is no easy access. The external cladding material needs to be taken off ‘in situ’ and disposed of, all from OUTSIDE the building without going thru the building internals as it would have been installed when built initially.


If for example external cladding cost $70 per sqm to fit during the construction process, the same cladding could cost 4 – 5 times this to be retro fitted, PLUS the existing has to be removed first, PLUS pedestrians protected, PLUS tenant privacy… plus plus plus. All the associated issues make the removing and reinstalling of cladding as a retro fit a challenging and costly task.

It is… Difficult… Dangerous… (and possibly) Dirty work. This is the type of ‘Special Project’ ARS specialise in. ARS are trained at heights, have contractors qualified in multiple trades, carry current union memberships and Civl Contractors Federation membership and are fully insured. ARS can undertake projects such as building recladding using cost effective methods to remove and install, and ensure a fully compliant outcome.

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