Chinese Pond Rehab – Bendigo

The Problem

The City of Bendigo in Victoria Australia’s Chinese Ponds are a central feature of the area and a premier regional tourist attraction. Built by the descendants of Chinese family’s who arrived during the gold rush years. The entire district was in the 9th year of what became the worst recorded drought since records were kept. Local water storages were down to 3% of capacity so water was more important than gold. However over time the pond walls have deteriorated and the substrate base has cracked resulting in substantial seepage and water loss. The water loss was so great that the pond could never be filled to its correct level, thus exposing some very poor looking fiber glass repair works that other contractors had done in an attempt to stop the leaks. Other companies had already attempted, unsuccessfully, to repair the damage.

The Solution

Asset Rehabilitation Services utilised the innovative WetSuit System to restore the pond and ensure that its unique aquarium environment and thriving fish species remain as a Bendigo icon. View the project video to see the process.

The Result

The pond restoration was a great success; completed on budget and ahead of time, despite interruptions from thunderstorms during the works. Once completed the pond was refilled and water quality tested. WetSuit complies with Australian Standard 4020 for use with raw water supply and catchment. The sacred fish are thriving in their newly rehabilitated environment and continue to be a favorite with tourists. The city council are extremely pleased with the outcome and say that the fish are breeding well and are easy to see as the water is clearer than ever before. Water loss from the pond is now limited to natural evaporation.

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