David Jones Roof Leak Repair

The Problem

The iconic David Jones store in the heart of Melbourne has been experiencing ongoing problems with its 100 year old historic roof for more than 30 years. Numerous efforts had been made by a range of trades and processes to repair the leaky roof, however none had lasting success. Limited access, via a narrow laneway – up 7 stories, through a retail area and then a small crawl space – also meant that most contractors were unable to service the problem area. The problem was compounded by the equipment placed on the roof – further limiting and obstructing access; it was impossible to get closer than two metres to penetrations and corroding roof iron where the roof was leaking.

The box gutters could not be removed and replaced because they were so severely corroded. In many spots water could run back up from the box gutters under the roof and leak into the retail space below. In some places the roof was so badly corroded that it could not be walked on.

The Solution

Mr Waterproofing came up with the perfect roof leak repair service. As part of an $80 million dollar plus refurbishment and just days before the front page opening ceremony, in the height of a Melbourne winter; ARS was asked to come in and permanently solve the problem. After extensive preparation and cleaning the WetSuit® Fluid Applied membrane was applied to exposed surfaces. All edges and penetrations were sealed and treated with WetSuit® 1 part and Invisilink. All corroded and decaying surfaces were similarly treated with WetSuit® undercover and Invisilink.

Spray equipment was set up in a nearby stairwell and hoses run to the work site. Finally WetSuit® two part was sprayed applied to all surfaces wherever access could be achieved. Even under air-conditioning units.

The Result

In under five days all works including load in and load out were complete and ready in time for the opening. Two days later Melbourne experienced one of its highest rainfall evenings and massive storm winds. No leaks at all for the first time in over thirty years.

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