A Day in the Life Of ARS

The Dirty, the Difficult, the Dangerous. All in a days work for ARS. We love what we do, and some days we can find ourselves in some very interesting situations… this is how our Wednesday unfolded a couple of weeks ago;

6.45am start in the CBD, conducting internal survey of the original tunnels below Victoria’s historic parliament buildings. These tunnels were built during the 1850’s gold rush days to allow emergency access and exit from the building. Modern day engineers can now use the tunnels to run gas mains into the building as part of the continued upgrade of this historic grand dame of Victorian architecture. This was certainly difficult with only the narrowest of openings to gain entry, which also made it dangerous Confined Space Entry. Once our man came out of the hole, he was also very dirty! Survey completed safely and within budgeted time allocation.

Meanwhile, another ARS crew was across town tending to crack injection and leak stopping of under ground tunnels at the grain loading dock at Melbourne Port. The tunnels feeding the grain elevators are prone to leakage as they are in a high ground water charged area (only metres from the Yarra). This makes them dirty and dangerous (and slippery!). A.R.S have an extensive experience in stopping water ingress, leakage and weeps. Within just two visits this job was nailed.

Just another day working with the dirty, difficult and dangerous.

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