Gold Coast Arts Centre Roof

‘WetSuit®’ makes a splash in QLD – Yep we figured it was time for some sun and surf. Well, we saw plenty of sun but not much surf. We spent our time perched on top of the roof of the Arts Centre Cafe which had some serious leakage problems. WetSuit® White to the rescue.

Wetsuit sealing capabilities can provide a double benefit of both waterproofing and sealing and increasing thermal efficiency. Heating and cooling costs can be massively reduced as the buildings overall thermal efficiency is improved. In the case of this QLD building savings of up to 25% percent in cooling were achieved.

Oh and by the way this job was made possible by our friends Pipe Relining Services in Qld (check them out…) Thanks for putting up with our bad jokes guys… job well done.

View the Gold Coast Arts Centre roof reseal and thermal retention project on the Mr Waterproofing website.
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