Hi-Rise Balcony Rehab

The Problem

Installed balustrading to this existing building (old office buidling converted to apartments), was fabricated from steel and badly corroding. The balustrading consisted of horizontal balcony bars which did not meet current building code safety standards. Hence the balconies were extremely dangerous and non compliant with current day safety standards exposing the building’s owners to potential legal liability. The client was quoted huge amounts to remedy the problem by others via traditional means to bring up to current day codes. Asset Rehabilitation Services proposed to rehabilitate existing rather than replace with new solution which saved the client in excess of $500,000.00 compared to other quotes. No access was available other than directly through the apartments in the 36 dwelling building.

The Solution

The solution involved fabricating new components for the balconies to be attached to the existing framework after make good and repainting. Lightweight perforated aluminium panels were fabricated. These ensured compliance with current building saftey codes as well as enhancing and modernising the general appearance of the building. They were attached to the existing framework using innovative fixing systems, not requiring removal of existing or any scaffloding as all works could be performed from balcony interiors, in accordance with stringent OH&S.

The Result

Cost savings were massive. In addition to co-ordinating and managing access and security issues with over 36 individual apartment owners and tenants (including families with young children and language barrier issues), works were completed on budget, as quoted, within timeframe, exceeding client’s and tenants’ expectations. The balconies are now compliant with current safety standards, in addition to giving the entire facade a welcome facelift.

Leigh Unsworth is the owner and operator of Asset Rehab Services. He also runs the three subsidiary companies under Asset Rehab Services: Mr Waterproofing, Mt Pipe Relining and Mt Crack Fix.

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