Interior Ceiling Leak NGV

The Problem:

Australia’s most visited gallery, The National Gallery Of Victoria, uses Asset Rehab to detect and stop leaks. As custodian of Australia’s most valuable history and artworks NGV needs reliable professional contractors that can solve leaks quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of disruption. ARS mobilised at short notice to fix what was an interior ceiling nuisance drip that could have built up and caused major leakage if not located and stopped before blowing out elsewhere in the building, potentially damaging prized artworks. A swift resolution was required.

The Solution:

Access to the area was not possible by traditional methods such as CCTV or other remote tech methods such as infrared or sonar. This job required basic knowledge, experience and old fashioned know how to trouble shoot and source leak. The source of the leak was ascertained and fixed.

The Result:

Works undertaken at short notice. Nuisance drip identified, isolated and fixed. No blowout at other building points, no artwork damaged. Just another day solving problems and getting results.

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