Laanacoorie Pump Station

The Problem

1930’s pump station located in Central Victoria on the Loddon River. The pumps inside the pump house feed water to the treatment plant that keeps three towns supplied with drinking water. These electric pumps need to be protected from water during floods, existing concrete external walls were showing significant cancer and deterioration, threatening to breach into pump house internals. Access and safety was a major issue and protection of environment from any residues from the cleaning, preparation, repairing and spraying process a major item that A.R.S needed to work around.

The Solution

Asset Rehabilitation Services came up with a process of sealing the internal and external surfaces of the concrete that could also withstand the abrasion of flood waters and the thermal extremes experienced in the area. This was significantly cheaper than other methods proposed, such as total demolition and building of a new pump house, and moving all the electrical switchboards and pumps. Preparation of all surfaces was key along with repairs to cracks and corroding reinforcement steel.

The Result

Repairs undertaken to engineers inspection. Job turnaround completed 7 days, on time, in full, no variations, as quoted, no further works required, no environmental breaches.

Leigh Unsworth is the owner and operator of Asset Rehab Services. He also runs the three subsidiary companies under Asset Rehab Services: Mr Waterproofing, Mt Pipe Relining and Mt Crack Fix.

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