Luxury Basement Waterproofing

The Problem

Magificent heritage home had been expertly renovated and a basement entertainment and bathroom area added.
 Howver from day of the build dampness that eventually turned to water problems were present in the rooms. 
Builder went back,multiple contractors and trades did works all to no avail.
The consulting engineers had heard of this company called ARS that specilized in fixing the unfixable.
Three or visits and some non destructive testing and exploration A.R.S came up with a plan.
Enginners liked it,client liked it,builder liked it so it was instaigated.

The Solution

Works to above ground drainage follwed by injection and then dismantling of linnings identified not just one source of water but many.
Some small variations were required once the full story was uncovered but in principle A.R.S methodolgy of sealing existing basements was undertaken.

The Result:

No leaks anymore.

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