Maroondah Sewer Reline

The Problem

Repairs to sewer lines were required throughout Jubliee Park in the city of Maroondah. Previous installation of water efficient cisterns throughout the parks amenity blocks resulted in major water savings and environmental benefits. However, the interlinking sewer lines were adversely effected by the subsequent lack of water flow.

Due to decreased fluids and increased proportion of solid and paper wastes, pipes with less water flow are more prone to blockage due to less water pressure pushing through. Small pipe imperfections can easily cause blockages. The condition and age of the pipes highlighted the problem with many of the main lines suffering from cracks, breakages and root intrusion.

The Solution

A comprehensive line survey and CCTV inspection was undertaken by A.R.S.S. Identifying the areas of damage. Rather than expensive excavation works the sewer lines were simply relined and repaired using Perma-liner trenchless technology. The process involved minimal excavation was required to establish access points, then the entire lengths were relined without need for any further excavation.

The Result

The super smooth and secure new line internals now ensure efficient sewerage flows throughout the entire park area of over 9 hectacres with no blockages or seepage. Correct problem identification with resolution by the most efficient and cost effective method resulted in another on time, as quoted A.R.S.S. solution.

Leigh Unsworth is the owner and operator of Asset Rehab Services. He also runs the three subsidiary companies under Asset Rehab Services: Mr Waterproofing, Mt Pipe Relining and Mt Crack Fix.

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