MCG Holding Tank Reline

The Problem:

Large (500,000 ltrs plus) Reclamation Holding Tank underneath the MCG, holds and processes nearly half a million cubic litres of water reclaimed each week from the G’s sewage system and recycled for use the following week to flush the toilets and urinals. The sewage system is built to accommodate a capacity crowd of 100,000 people.  The tank commissioned as part of the Gs water reclamation programme which includes an on site processing system buried beneath Yarra Park.

The tank for unknown reasons sprung some leaks and had the potential to undermine the ground below the main structures above. As soon as these leaks were detected the G swung into action to get them fixed before the start of the AFL season only three weeks away.

The Solution:

Asset Rehab Services was chosen by consulting engineers to rehabilitate the tank.  Undertake with no disruption to the G’s event schedule, with minimal downtime. Empty the tank, clean, prepare , inject and then reseal and recoat the walls and floor of the entire tank with the only access being a man hole cover located outside the members entrance. Time frame allowed 12 days !!!

The Result:

Works completed in ten days, no variations.  Tank recommissioned with full inspection and approval sign off by engineers and available for use for the sell-out first round of AFL.

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