Mentone Beach Shelter Rehab

The Problem

The historic Sandstone change shelter at Mentone beach in Melbourne is thought to be over 135 years old. Most likely built from sandstone hewn out of the nearby Beaumaris cliffs (near the site of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron). The site is heritage listed as the oldest surviving sandstone structure in Victoria. Time, wind, rain, sand and salt had taken its toll on the soft stone with many pieces spalling (exploding from the inside by crystallizing salt). Others had tried over time to remortar the sandstone blocks using more modern day mortars that compounded the problem by trapping in the salts and not acting as a sacrificial layer to allow moisture and salts out. Many had been consulted but none had come up with a solution to stop further decay and repair back to former standard the decayed areas whilst maintaining the unique features of the weathered but proud and beautiful structure.

The Solution

Asset Rehabilitation Services installed structural tie rods utilsing HeliFix masonry repair system. Scaffolding was required to be fully compliant with OH&S and meet A.R.S code of operation. Two facing walls required major crack repairs.

The Result

Repairs undertaken comply to engineers inspection. Job turnaround completed within 4 days. Project completed on budget and on time, no further works required.

Leigh Unsworth is the owner and operator of Asset Rehab Services. He also runs the three subsidiary companies under Asset Rehab Services: Mr Waterproofing, Mt Pipe Relining and Mt Crack Fix.

Posted in Heritage Restoration & Rehabilitation