NGV Moat Rectification

The Problem

The National Gallery of Victoria required major works to repair and remediate the heritage listed iconic moats which surround the main National Gallery buildings. This included multiple works and trades to repair leaks to the West Moat as well as rebuilding of the external granite walls (also heritage listed). The NGV in Melbourne Victoria is one of the main international tourist drawcards to the city. The moats were originally constructed in the 1960’s and the West moat in particular was leaking badly and as well as using water was placing treasured archived artworks on the lower levels in danger.

The problem had persisted despite multiple previous attempts to fix and various unsuccessful contractor’s proposals, still no solution was in sight.

The Solution

The project was successfully delivered and no leaks or faults have been reported since. The external Bluestone walls of the Gallery have been rebuilt and repaired to exacting heritage requirements. The works scope included multiple skill sets and trades and all works were undertaken by ARS as part of the same project.

ARS have since been contracted to undertake further works at the Gallery as approved contractors including onging waterproofing and leak repairs to roofing and to Gallery archives where treasured artworks are stored. RS Hail Guards were also installed onto the NGV roof to solve a separate multi layered problem. Often at Asset Rehab we encounter a problem which requires not one, but a combination of several remedial technologies, or, even a solution which is not one that the client has asked for.

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