NGV Roof Hail Guards

The Problem

During extreme weather / hail events in Melbourne so much hail had been accumulated in the NGV roof box gutters and rain heads that water was freezing inside gutters, blocking and causing water overflow to the interior of building, threatening Australia’s treasured national artworks. The NGV roof is also a heritage listed structure so it’s overall design and integrity had to remain intact. Along with restricted access and working at heights this added a unique slant to the problem.

The Solution

Asset Rehab Services installed a first line of defence on the rooftop which are effectively hail speed traps / avalanche walls / hail stop guards. A.R.S. also designed and constructed a 2nd level defence of stainless steel guard sieves over the gutters, to prevent build up of hail within the storm water system. Design and fabrication was undertaken in conjunction with consulting engineers to ensure compliance to building codes.

The Result

The combination of the 2 level hail defence mechanism prevented frozen hail build up and overflow of drainage systems, thus ensuring protection of the building and treasured artworks inside the gallery. As always the project was on time, on budget as quoted with no variations.

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