Penthouse Pool & Deck Waterproofing

The Problem

Installation of Penthouse roof top pool and deck to iconic Melbourne Heritage Listed landmark. How do you build a pool and deck on a heritage listed site without removing the existing roof until the very last part of works, and ensure the roof never leaks either during construction or after fitting of the deck and pool? Only one contractor had the smarts and the Heritage Australia approval to make this happen, only one product could do the job (or maybe divine intervention or whatever you believe in). Mr Waterproofing, and WetSuit, that’s right WetSuit!

The Solution

This ingenious rooftop renovation and waterproofing involved building the new weight bearing roof structure WITHIN the existing roof cavity. Load bearing steel beams were fabricated and installed with only the edges of the roof cut away. Hence the new waterproofing membrane layer needed to be installed into the ‘ceiling’ whilst the old corrugated iron ‘roof’ remained in place above. This meant the workspace was cramped with limited access, and pumping in of the waterproofing membrane needed to be done from four floors below. The beauty of Wetsuit is that it is cold fluid applied, hence Asset Rehab simply pumped and pressure sprayed from four floors below.

  • First marine ply installed above steel roof frame then WETSUIT applied
  • Then load bearing steel rafters installed to take decking and pool
  • These all individually covered and coated with WETSUIT after detailing
  • The rafters extended and stainless steel box gutters installed with WETSUIT protecting the extended rafters
  • Then finally after all timber work completed a final spray coat of WETSUIT 1 Part
  • Truck mounted equipment stayed on the truck 4 stories below with only the need to take the spray hose and gun up the four floors through the man hole hatch and past all the other trades

Preparation and cleaning of surfaces was key. In addition, even application was needed uniformly across the surface. Disparate materials were all coated with the one monolithic Wetsuit Part 1 spray application. Wetsuit’s ability to expand 1600 percent without breaching and its 100% waterproof capability, together with the space and access constraints made it the only choice for this project.

The Result

Job completed on time, on budget, as quoted, no variations. We are good. No, we are amazing. But, will it work. Will it leak? Will the new roof top lap pool leak through the four stories below onto unsuspecting diners enjoying a medium rare lamb fillet on a bed of cous cous with a splash of Mornington Peninsular Pinot Gris? We’ll let you know in six months time…

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