Petro Chemical Tank Rehab

The Problem

A large refining and petro chemical business in Australia has had on going concerns about how to seal the bases of the many hundreds of riveted steel tanks, many dating back to WWII, that are in daily use across their Australian operation. Water penetrating underneath the tank floor corodes the steel bases which cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

The Solution

Traditional sealing methods only last aprx 12 months. A.R.S came up with the solution at near the same cost of traditional methods of installing a unique product that can be applied by use of hand tools, expands up to 1582% of its volume, will return to original size, is impervious to the conditions on site and should last in excess of 15 years.

The Result

TClient is so impressed that a second and third tank were immediately ordered and a programme to upgrade the plinth seals on over 700 tanks is being planned.

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