Pool Restoration Latrobe Uni

The Problem

The Latrobe Uni Pool in Melbourne’s north east is a popular and frequently used campus facility. Students, staff and outside users frequent the pool 7 days a week. Over time the sub structure and components of the pool had deteriorated causing serious degradation and leakage. The combination of issues required inventive and cost saving solutions. There was no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As the pool was heavily frequented any disruption to use had to be minimised. Rehabilitation works were required to many components of the pool and supporting infrastructure including working in access restricted confined spaces with associated equipment access issues.

The Solution

Areas of the tiled Pool deck had broken away and grouting also required replacing, as well as Skimmer boxes, Skimmer grates and Sump Pick up. Concrete cancer had affected numerous areas and substantial structural rehab was required. Areas above and below the deck were treated and sealed with wetsuit monolithic waterproofing. The existing Skimmer Boxes were fabricated out of Stainless Steel and had deteriorated due to years of use. Replacing with like was prohibitively expensive. Mr Waterproofing instead fabricated new out of fibre glass resulting in a 75% cost saving. In addition the weight reduction of the new lighter boxes meant significant time savings with ease of installation.

The Result

The rehabilitation works were completed without any interruption to pool opening times, it remained functional throughout. All components of the works proved successful, no further damage, degradation or leaks reported. The job was completed on time, on budget.

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