Roof Reseal & Thermal Retention

The Problem

Badly leaking roof in Arts Centre cafe required a roof reseal. Mr Waterproofing were contracted to complete the job in conjunction with Qld Relining Services. The Gold Coast Arts Café building, owned by the Gold Coast City Council, required waterproofing works to reseal the leaking roof. In addition, Mr Waterproofing suggested the added use of ‘white’ WetSuit® coating to improve the thermal efficiency of the building.

The Solution

In addition to WetSuit water proofing roof reseal, additional ‘white’ WetSuit® flexible coating was applied over the top of the standard wetsuit waterproof membrane. Energy savings of up to 40% of the cost of air-conditioning a two-storey building can be achieved using this method as radiant heat is reflected and a more constant building temperature thermal mass is attained. This is also effective in retaining heat in winter.

The Result

WetSuit® is impermeable and long lasting and is flexible to the point of expanding up to 1500% its size and returning to its original shape. It is superior too and actually cheaper than conventional methods due to the speed and simplicity of its application. Preparation was key the surface was properly cleaned and prepped, once this was done the roof reseal application was quick and unobtrusive. Job completed on time, on budget, no further leaks.

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