Roof Waterproof & Hail Guards for NGV

ARS Hail Guards on NGV roof solve a multi layered problem. Often at Asset Rehab we encounter a problem which requires not one, but a combination of several remedial technologies.

Or, a job which requires a different solution to one that the client asks for, or a completely left field solution. Take the hail guards installed at the NGV. The roof was flooding and leaking during extreme hail events, so the task was to make waterproof. The solution however did not involve traditional ‘waterproofing’. Rather, as ARS inspected the job, the solution proposed was to custom fabricate and install hail guards on the roof surface, simply slowing down the hail from entering the drainage system in the first place. The problem was not ‘waterproofing’ related. The result was a complete succes

View the NGV Roof project on the Mr Waterproofing website.
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View the NGV interior ceiling leak project on the Mr Waterproofing website
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