Seppelts Great Western

The Problem

Seppelt’s Great Western is one of the iconic wineries in Victoria’s Northern wine district. A feature of the winery is 2.5kms of underground cellars, hand dug in 1800’s. Recent water ingress into cellars was causing servere spalling to the cellars, however this had not occured in the past. The problem was backtracked to leaking pipes underneath the tank farm which had been corroded by the acidity in the wine (powerful northern Victorian shiraz!). These concrete pipes had gradually decayed to the point where many sections had been completely destroyed, hence the damage to the cellars. The crushing season was due to commence in a few weeks, placing extensive load on already damaged pipes, hence the enitre harvest production was at threat. Asset Rehab Services were called in a few weeks before Xmas, with a solution and remedy required before the end of January. This was an extremely challenging project as the pipes were in such bad condition that even CCTV or pushrod cameras could not be inserted into pipes without being lost in the voids around the damaged pipes. To work around, custom camera jigs were fabricated on site to enable successful CCTV inspection prior to relining.

The Solution

Total reinstament of pipes using the PermalinerTM Re Lining system. Once extent of damage was ascertained through succesfull CCTV inspection the relining process was able to commence. All of the knowledge and experience of A.R.S. was required to enable relining of non existent pipes, the problem was so bad as to have never been experienced before, on hand solutions were required throughout the job to solve unforseen issues. There were multiple pipes in addition to trade waste, storm water and sewer pits also badly corroded or destroyed. Concrete rehab and epoxy coatings were required in addition to pipe relining. Difficult access and confined space entry was needed.

The Result

Deadline was met, including approved variations during the works, all was still completed within timeframe. At request of client additional works were undertaken at the same time. Result being the crucial crushing season was not impacted and the grape harvest proceeded as planned uninterrupted, much to the relief of client. We look forward to a stellar 2013 crop from Great Western. We suggest you pre-order now as is sure to be a cracking vintage. The client has requested further works to be undertaken throughout the year to other infrastructure issues.

Leigh Unsworth is the owner and operator of Asset Rehab Services. He also runs the three subsidiary companies under Asset Rehab Services: Mr Waterproofing, Mt Pipe Relining and Mt Crack Fix.

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