South East Water – Plant Roof Waterproof

The Problem

The concrete roof building of a major hazard fascility houses a number of sensitive pieces of equipment including major electrical sub station.
The roof had been leaking for years but other contractors could only offer full removal of existing membrane and replacement with new at a cost well above client expecations or head office budget.
 Eventaully a solution had to be found so the onsite plumbing contractor turned to A.R.S.

The Solution

Asset Rehab knew straight away the solution.Liquid applied Neoprene would be the best out of the suite of products they use and recommend.
Intally tests were conducted to estimate the time and equipment required to remove the ballast and years of vegitation and moss growth.Then adhesion tests to the original membrane were conducted.
The system was proven and quotation supplied.The required outcome,for a water tight roof,could be done just on the budget avaiable.

The Result

A water tight roof with no damage or down time to the substation and switching gear.
All the ballast,all the moss,all the dirt was removed and then loose and damaged existing membrane cut out and spot sealed.
A thin coat of water based primer applied then WET SUIT 2 PART over 2400 sqm and WET SUIT 1 PART over the areas where the ballast could not be removed due to the senstivity of the equipment below.
Job done on budget on time.

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