Who’s ARS?

The Dirty, the Difficult, the Dangerous

A.R.S renew and rehabilitate. We provide inventive solutions to complex infrastructure issues.

Asset Rehab Services (ARS) provide solutions to complex infrastructure issues above and below ground. We repair, renew and rehabilitate. We save the cost of new. We employ new technologies to achieve optimum outcomes. We minimize or eliminate costly downtime. We solve problems. We create solutions. We can do, not can’t do.

  • Repair, renew, rehabilitate existing
  • Difficult access and confined space access, hazardous environments
  • Rehabilitate to avoid expense of rebuilding new from scratch
  • Melbourne based, deploying Australia wide
  • Employing new technologies to solve existing problems
  • Successfully delivering major projects on time and budget for over ten years
Each infrastructure or rehabilitation issue has its own specific and unique challenges.

Asset Rehab seek to re-commission with little or no decommissioning or downtime. Outcomes are achieved through utilisation of world leading techniques and technologies including monolithic cold applied waterproofing membrane, resin crack injection, carbon fibre composite repairs and robotic trenchless pipe relining. ARS carry accreditations and insurances and are trained in hazardous facility environments and confined access. The specific and unique parameters of each project are analysed first to determine the best course of action to achieve the desired outcome. Where others often rebuild from scratch at great cost, Asset Rehab provide inventive solutions and look outside the square to solve unique problems. ARS skill sets can be adapted to just about any infrastructure, rehabilitation or repair project. Special projects are our speciality, no mater how Dirty, Difficult, or Dangerous.

A.R.S work with many industry sectors across civil and commercial.

As well as working with civil and commercial clients direct we also supply services to trade contractors such as plumbers. Projects, regardless of scope or budget, are delivered by a team of experts, enabling consistently successful outcomes. Management and collaboration of multiple trades and stakeholders is handled with poise and ARS have a proven track record. Our equipment and vehicle fleet can be dispatched on site to jobs Australia wide.

Qualified Staff, Fully Insured.

A.R.S staff and project managers are qualified and insured. Our real strength has always been our people and the team who make up ARS are trained, accredited professionals. ARS carry current insurances and indemnities. A.R.S is Asset Rehabilitation Services, at your service.

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