Market Sectors

A.R.S. provides services to Civil, Government, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Our services are supplied on a contract basis and we are fully compliant with OH&S issues. We also work direct with trade contractors such as plumbers. We provide a free assessment and quotation service prior to commencement.


Property developments, Large Office and Commercial buildings, Shopping Centres, Carpark Complexes, Warehouses.


Primary and Secondary schools, general ammenities and buildings, University and Colleges, Kindergartens, Child Care Centres


Major Hazard Facilities, Petro Chemical Plants, Gas and Power Generation Plants, Food Processing Plants, Tanks and Silos


Sewerage and Drainage, Property assests, Government buildings and infrastructure


Bridges, Freeways, Road construction, Dams, Large scale urban infrastructure.


Municipal council assests such as Piers, Waterfront structures, Sewerage and Drainage, Municipal buildings, Statues and Monuments, Historical assests.

Sport & Tourism

Sports Grounds, Stadiums, Hotels and Resorts, Bike Tracks.


Public Transport assets such as as rail, road and aviation facilities.

Health Care

Hospitals, Aged Care facilities, Medical and Dental centres.


Heritage and National Trust buildings and structures, repair and restoration. Heritage Council Australia registered and approved contractor